About Atomic Games Your Muncie Game Shop

Atomic Games is a locally owned gaming shop located in downtown Muncie, IN.   We are huge fans of games and are thrilled to be able to have opened our new Muncie game shop.

We believe games offer much more than just entertainment.  There are also some great educational and social benefits to them.

The Educational Benefits Of Games

Games are often touted as ruining children’s intelligence. The truth is that these things actually improve intelligence in children, and they are stimulating in a multitude of ways. Children who play games will learn a host of skills that can be applied to school work and future careers.

Board Games Teach Strategy And Math

Board games and card games are excellent for teaching kids strategy.
Strategy skills are important in the real world, and you almost always need them to win at a board game. Even scrabble requires strategic thinking. These skills develop into strong mental skills the more your child plays. Math is used to calculate scores and count money in board games.

Board Games Vs Video Games

Board games are a better choice over video games. They allow kids to work creatively with each other in a hands-on manner. Video games take away the hands-on aspect of gaming, and this can reduce creativity and learning.

What Is Age Appropriate

Board games take away a lot of the worry about the mature nature of modern games. A majority of board games are kid friendly and teach educational lessons. Video games can’t say the same. Parents will be happy to know that many of today’s board games do not promote violence or profanity and focus on wholesome fun that the whole family can participate in during a game night.